We love making handbags and we especially like making them with high quality, durable fabrics that will withstand the demands of everyday use.

After many trials and tests, these are our favourite fabrics to use when making handbags:


Cork Fabric is a beautiful, durable, water & dust repellant fabric.  It is a vegan option to leather and it's a sustainable and eco-friendly option to boot!  We can't say enough good things about cork fabric, it is our favourite option to work with as it is a very versatile fabric for making handbags.

Sunbrella® Fabric: 

This fabric is gorgeous (and expensive!), has vibrant colour, feels like canvas but is water repellant, fade resistant and more.  One of our new faves...


A durable, heavyweight fabric that has been around forever and one that is ideal for making handbags.  Cotton canvas needs to be treated to make it water repellant.


Leather adds a sumptuous and luxurious touch to your bag.  We use it for trims, bag sections or the complete bag.  You cannot make a mistake when sewing with leather (or cork for that matter!) as the sewing needle creates holes in the fabric that are permanent.

Vegan Leather:

Also known as "faux leather" is an option that also requires a steady hand when constructing the bag as holes are permanent on this fabric as well.  Our vegan handbags have mostly been sold by special request, but look for them in upcoming collections.


Here's a term you don't hear everyday!  Expensive brand name or bespoke handbags use interlining layers to achieve certain effects and we do too. 

This means that your bag is made of three or more layers although you only see two: the outside of the bag and the lining on the interior.  We use different interlining layers depending on the effect that we are trying to achieve, to add body to your bag and make it stand up on its own, no slouching!